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CRAMANT, 2nd September 2017

CRAMANT, 6th of August 2017

Since our last gazette, the vineyards of Champagne have suffered a slight drop in temperature in mid-July, with some episodes of rain which allowed to rehydrate the soil and to replenish the vegetation. The last storm, which occurred last week, gave some fears. He left some traces in certain...
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CRAMANT, 26th June 2017

.For several weeks, the climatic conditions encountered, that is to say sun of lead and high temperatures records, allow a development of the accelerated vineyard. The growth retardation of the vine, caused by the spring frosts, is largely overtaken. On a decennial average, we count today a week...
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CRAMANT, 22th May 2017

The thermometer takes colors ... Temperatures are on the rise, vegetation is now growing. For Chardonnay, we count 5 to 7 leaves spread per foot and the inflorescences, our future clusters, are clearly visible. Le Meunier, which is a later grape variety than Chardonnay, remains indented with 3-4...
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CRAMANT, 12th of April 2017

Dynamic awakening of the Champagne vineyards. After the winter period of January and his freezing cold, Champagne warms up during the month of February with temperatures higher by 2 to 3 ° C against normal month. These climatic conditions cause an early beginning of campaign and in the past few...
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CRAMANT, 10th of March 2017

2016, a vintage which will lets us memories During the wine-growing year, bad climatic episodes followed one another: spring frosts as soon as the vegetation was awakened, hail, interminable rains, favorable to the development of cryptogamic diseases, a few days of heat wave, at the end of the...
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CRAMANT, 2 november 2016

CRAMANT, 17 september 2016

CRAMANT, 26 july 2016

CRAMANT, 24 june 2016

It looks like the sun is coming out in the next few days... The weather forecast is optimistic for the coming days as seasonal temperatures return with sunshine to boot. The fact is rain has been plentiful in the last few weeks with record rain gauge readings... Some sunshine would do no harm to...
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CRAMANT, 2nd June 2016

2015, An atypical year Rarely is one year similar to the previous one and that is surely the main attraction of the vigneron's work. But 2015 has proved a really atypical year - and a truly exceptional one - in view of the weather conditions observed. The winter of 2014-2015 was rather mild with...
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CRAMANT, 25 May 2016

Weather behaving rather whimsically at this stage in the season... The champagne vineyard was not spared by spring frosts especially during the last week in April. Out of about 34,000 hectares in production in Champagne, 8,000 were hit, with a little over 4,600 suffering 100 % losses. Our...
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CRAMANT, April 23 2016

Start of growth taking place surely and in good conditions.. The period of vegetative dormancy is now over and 'bud burst' is in its way for most of our Chardonnays on the Côte des Blancs. The prevailing climatic and high temperature conditions in the last few days have led to the dynamic...
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CRAMANT, 8 September 2015

Today is the great day…. Secateurs got busy this morning at 7.30 am in our Boursault vineyard. We judge our Marne Valley Meunier plots to have reached a favourable sugar content, 170 to 180 g/l sufficient to maintain sugar-acidity balance. (Let us not forget that acidity is a major element in...
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CRAMANT, 17 August 2015

We were all hoping for rain but couldn't do anything about it... Even though the vines haven't apparently suffered from a lack of water, a good soaking of the soil will help bunch development. 14 and 15 August were very wet days without thunderstorms but with steady,persistent penetrating rain, a...
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CRAMANT, 9 July 2015

The heatwave in the last week tends to make Champagne's scenery more "desertlike" in daytime, everyone seeking the early morning cool to carry out the various seasonal jobs of tying up shoots. The idea is to organise spurs to avoid leaves packing up and ensure good ventilation. This is vital for...
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CRAMANT, 11 June 2015

Haste makes waste... The vegetative growth of our vines has now reached cruising speed. Temperatures have been playing yoyo with cool mornings and hot sunny afternoons. Such thermal differences will easily lead to the onset of certain diseases, notably oidium, so we must remain alert and...
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CRAMANT, 2 May 2015

We have moved from winter to summer bypassing the « spring » option... Mild temperatures and dry conditions in early April have allowed our vines to grow and develop rapidly. Winter's drab colours have given way to hues of green that will grow more vivid with time. As in every year we see...
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CRAMANT, 20 April 2015

Climatic conditions in 2014 were complex to say the least : a mild rainy winter causing early bud burst (damaging for chardonnay in case of late frosts) followed by a dry spring (a blessing for chardonnay!) offering plants protection from diseases. But a miserable summer with cold mornings and...
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