CRAMANT, 10th of March 2017

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2016, a vintage which will lets us memories

During the wine-growing year, bad climatic episodes followed one another: spring frosts as soon as the vegetation was awakened, hail, interminable rains, favorable to the development of cryptogamic diseases, a few days of heat wave, at the end of the season who scalded the grains in front of the sun ...
This year, we had to be attentive and vigilant about the state of health of our vineyards ... in short, a real job as a winegrower!
After these climatic hazards, the sun decided to put down its luggage at the end of August, beginning of September. We were able to enjoy optimal summer conditions for healthy ripening for a long time. We appreciated a dynamic kinetic maturation favorable to the quality of the grapes and offering the opportunity to harvest our grapes with a good impression and a beautiful material to vinify.
We observed a disparity of growth between the grape varieties, the wine regions and the different exposure on the same terroir. These differences were confirmed at the harvest, we had to stop 4 days the harvest for that some chardonnays can take full advantage of the sun and continue to mature ..

The tasting of the clear wines of the year 2016, carried out in March, presents fairly flattering wines. We find the tenderness and finesse of our Chouilly (Côte des Blancs) vines, the minerality and the "wet chalk" aroma of Cramant (Côte des Blancs).
The meuniers of Monthelon (Côteaux Sud d'Epernay) are more open, more expressive with a certain roundness.
The Pinot Noir structure of the Marne Valley will be more interesting in our assembly base.

I would be tempted to present you a vintage 2016, 100% Chardonnay de Cramant in a few years ... to continue.