CRAMANT, 11 June 2015

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Haste makes waste...

The vegetative growth of our vines has now reached cruising speed.
Temperatures have been playing yoyo with cool mornings and hot sunny afternoons.
Such thermal differences will easily lead to the onset of certain diseases, notably oidium, so we must remain alert and watchful.
What is more, bunches have now reached flowering, being therefore very sensitive over the period.
We conduct reasoned vine growing and periodical checks are of course carried out before preventive course is taken at the right moment while limiting phytosanitary treatment.

This year bunches are sizeable but less numerous than in previous years.
No hasty conclusion should be drawn at this stage but let us be reminded it is approximately 90 days after flowering... to be confirmed.

Picture of blog article 33
Picture of blog article 33
Picture of blog article 33