CRAMANT, 17 August 2015

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We were all hoping for rain but couldn't do anything about it...

Even though the vines haven't apparently suffered from a lack of water, a good soaking of the soil will help bunch development.
14 and 15 August were very wet days without thunderstorms but with steady,persistent penetrating rain, a real water boon for both soil and plants.

All varieties have reached the stage of 'véraison' when berries grow, turn colour and start showing the colour of maturity.
Compared with a 10-year average, the vine seems to be 3 to 4 days early.

The harvest might start around 10 September. Further tests from bunch samples will be carried out to keep track of ripening and refine our forecasts.
.. let us remain zen ...

Gilles Lancelot

Picture of blog article 36
Picture of blog article 36
Picture of blog article 36