.CRAMANT, April 17th 2020

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When the word « holyday » looks like the word « harvest ».
Indeed, it seems we will have an early harvest, that could begin around the 20th of August in some areas.

The climat is still favourable for the vegetation development. The Champagne region is beautiful and now a land of greenery.
The vine's growth still has two weeks of advance and its development looks like 2011 and 2018, as we said in a previous gazette.

Bunches are now well closed (the bunches get thicker, the berries are growing) and become more resistant to fungal disease (mildew and powdery mildew).
The « veraison » (the berries' change of colour), which means the begin of the rippening, should start around the 25th-28th of July, depending on the grape variety and the terroir.
Everyone is looking at his vine, eager to see this physiological change.

The harvest has not start yet, so it can be a little early to tell you about this..
In 2020, we want to honour some wine tradition. In Champagne, we celebrate the end of the harvest with the Cochelet. We celebrate the coming vintage.
We want to share this particular moment with you.
Planned : visit of the Estate, tasting of some grape juice 2020 and, of course, tasting of our range, sharing a traditional Champagne meal.

This is all I say for the moment. We will keep you informed quickly so you will have the time to book this event !

Gilles Lancelot

Picture of blog article 69
Picture of blog article 69
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Picture of blog article 69