CRAMANT, 2 May 2015

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We have moved from winter to summer bypassing the « spring » option...

Mild temperatures and dry conditions in early April have allowed our vines to grow and develop rapidly.
Winter's drab colours have given way to hues of green that will grow more vivid with time.

As in every year we see differences in growth between varieties.
As of today, inflorescences in Chardonnay are clearly visible on our terroir while Meunier, a variety with delayed growth, only displays its first leaf.

Lower temperatures than normal at this time of year in the last few days should slow down growth and render development more seasonable.
Heavy rainfall as experienced at this early stage of vegetative development makes for a fragile sanitary condition in the vines. It is therefore vital to be vigilant so as to act prior to the onset of cryptogamic diseases (mildew, oidium), thus protecting vegetation.

Picture of blog article 32
Picture of blog article 32
Picture of blog article 32