CRAMANT, 24th of April 2018

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They’re off !!

We’ve had record rainfall since the beginning of the year (300mm), we’ve experienced wintry conditions and snow for 2 to 3 weeks, and yet the vines came back to life on time or nearly so, being only 2 to 3 days late on a ten-year average.
What is more, the summerlike temperatures (25°C in daytime) enjoyed in the last few days have allowed a dynamic awakening of vegetation.
« Bud bursting» has now taken place on most of our Côte des Blancs Chardonnays and a few leaves are spreading out…
Pinots Noirs are not far behind and the Meuniers (a later variety) are just out of their downy pods with green shoots showing.

The dry weather allows us to work the soil serenely and without stress, ploughing, grassing down, etc… aerating the soil, chemical-free weeding and controlling the soil’s structure and plant activity.

Gilles Lancelot

Picture of blog article 53
Picture of blog article 53
Picture of blog article 53