CRAMANT, 22th May 2017

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The thermometer takes colors ...

Temperatures are on the rise, vegetation is now growing.
For Chardonnay, we count 5 to 7 leaves spread per foot and the inflorescences, our future clusters, are clearly visible.
Le Meunier, which is a later grape variety than Chardonnay, remains indented with 3-4 leaves.

The vegetative development advance we had at the beginning of April was greatly slowed by the dreaded cold period.
The spring frosts at the end of April, with a few mornings at -5 to -7 ° C, resulted in the destruction of fruit-bearing buds.
In our operation, we estimate damage of the order of 25 to 30%.

Lately, a few rainy episodes and increasing temperatures, make the vegetation sensitive to this cryptogamic disease called "mildew". For this start of the campaign, we anticipated any attack of mildew with a preventive biological control system in order to make the vegetative environment resistant ....

The vegetation cover is currently healthy and will take full advantage of the climatic conditions of the days to come: sun, dry weather and hot temperatures during the day.

Picture of blog article 49
Picture of blog article 49
Pinoit Noir
Picture of blog article 49