CRAMANT, August 23th 2020

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.Even if 2020 will be remembered through the world and will leave traces, in the Champagne region, we will remember the super earliness of the vine’s development…
To this day, some parts of the region have started the harvest. We will have to be used to do our future harvest in August.

The vine had a very early wake-up in March and had keeping this advance until the harvest.
This was a dry year but the vineyard, which has done its water reserves during winter and spring, goes well.
Nature done the things well until the end, so the day before our harvest we are sur to pick healthy and quality grapes.

Quotas that can be harvested are fixed by the Comité Champagne at 8 000 kg/ha. Regarding the large quantity of grapes on the vines, we can say that the yields are insufficient.
This is our job to optimize the harvest: to sort the grapes, to chose the best time to pick depending on the grape variety and the terroir.

The actual weather conditions and the ones to come are really favorable for the ripening to continue. So, there is no rush, we just need to let our grapes fully enjoy the sunshine.
Besides, there is still an important heterogeneity speaking of ripening degrees.
First between grapes variety, Meunier in the south hillside of Epernay, already fully ripped, will be harvested from Wednesday the 26th while the Chardonnay will wait a few more days.
Then between terroirs. Indeed, some north exposed areas of the Côte des Blancs, for example, will be picked in the early September.

Let’s be thankful for what lies ahead.

Gilles Lancelot

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Picture of blog article 70
Pinot Noir
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