CRAMANT, the 23th June 2020

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The development of the young berries goes on.
Since the beginning of the flowering, the good weather conditions with alternation of rain and sunlight provide the vegetation a continuous growth. The berries grow and now have the size of green beans.

The 2 weeks in advance on a ten years average that we noticed since the budburst persist.
The growth and development differences between the 3 grape varieties Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Meunier, don’t exist anymore

The vine’s health condition is good to continue its growth and the development of the bunches.
They have a beautiful size, are well ventilated and the berries have the place to grow. This shape makes the development of the fungal diseases harder (mildew, powdering mildew, grey rot, …). And of course, we enjoy that!

But let’s wait and see the summer’s weather conditions.

H.V.E :
We are pleased to announce you that our estate is now labeled HVE (High Environmental Value). Since many years now, we were following a respectful way to work for the environment, with a toolkit of good manners. The label is a reward since we have concrete results regarding biodiversity, fertilization, phytosanitary protection, water management, …
Let’s drink to celebrate this good news!

Picture of blog article 68
Picture of blog article 68
Pinot Noir
Picture of blog article 68