CRAMANT, 24 june 2016

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It looks like the sun is coming out in the next few days...
The weather forecast is optimistic for the coming days as seasonal temperatures return with sunshine to boot.
The fact is rain has been plentiful in the last few weeks with record rain gauge readings... Some sunshine would do no harm to plants still very susceptible to
various cryptogamic diseases (mostly mildew) and would bring back a smile on the vignerons' faces...
Vegetation keeps moving at a slow pace and is lagging 10 days behind a 10-year average.

On our earliest growing plots, flowering has begun as our photo of Chardonnay will show.
The next few days will be crucial. Should we be blessed with good weather during flowering, it would bode well for the future berries and be a hopeful sign of a
good harvest.
Statistics show harvesting to be 88 to 90 days after full flowering, meaning the harvest could start around 21 September... To be confirmed.

Picture of blog article 42
Picture of blog article 42
Picture of blog article 42