CRAMANT, 25th of October 2018

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Champagne changes colors, autumn colors are photographed ...

The climate that we are currently enjoying is a real "Indian summer" and it lasts. The freshness of the morning gives way, during the day, to temperatures close to 25 ° C and a dry and sunny weather.

And already, almost two months ago, we started our harvest ...
You can be sure that, on every face in Champagne, you will see a smile as soon as we speak of the harvest 2018.
Even village elders do not remember seeing such a harvest.
For any grape varietal, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Meunier, for any Champagne region, Nature has been generous.
In addition, the health of the grapes remained flawless throughout the month of September, allowing us time to control the harvest, to have a real cutting strategy based on plots.
And, finally, a promising juice quality, a sugar content close to 180 g / l, a limited acidity content but sufficient to allow us to reflect on the winemaking. Our recent investments in the renewal of our vat room allow us to have more precision in our wines. Moreover, we have chosen, on some wines from "historic" plots, to block the malolactic fermentation to have a better identity of the terroir... to see or rather to taste...

Gilles Lancelot