CRAMANT, 25 May 2016

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Weather behaving rather whimsically at this stage in the season...

The champagne vineyard was not spared by spring frosts especially during the last week in April. Out of about 34,000 hectares in production in Champagne,
8,000 were hit, with a little over 4,600 suffering 100 % losses.
Our vineyard suffered some damage notably for those buds closest to the ground with fruit-bearing buds fortunately untouched.
More scared than hurt...

This problem could be encountered in future years with a rather mild winter followed by an early growth of vegetation therefore more liable to climatic uncertainties early in the season.

After this episode, vegetation started again. Chardonnays now have 5 to 6 spread-out leaves with future bunches clearly visible.
Current temperatures with highs and lows combined with frequent periods of rain render plants more susceptible to cryptogaminc diseases like mildew or odium.
At this stage of growth, it is important to keep a close vigil and reason one'ssystem of prevention so as to avoid any outbreak of these diseases.

Picture of blog article 39
Picture of blog article 39
Picture of blog article 39