CRAMANT, 26th June 2017

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.For several weeks, the climatic conditions encountered, that is to say sun of lead and high temperatures records, allow a development of the accelerated vineyard.

The growth retardation of the vine, caused by the spring frosts, is largely overtaken. On a decennial average, we count today a week ahead.

The flowering stage is now well completed for all grape varieties. Note, full bloom occurred the first week of June.
According to the statistics, the grape harvests would be after 90 days (+ or - 2 days) of the flower, which means a harvest 2017 from the beginning of September ... we will certainly talk about it.

The young berries grow, in the more hasty plots of Chardonnay, the clusters begin to bend.
We also noticed that in the unfrozen plots, where the harvest was spared by the cold, the grapes are large and well supported ... which is promising and comforting.

Thanks to these current climatic conditions, dry and warm, the health status of the vine is satisfactory and does not suggest any attack of cryptogamic diseases (mildew and powdery mildew).

In short ... only happiness ...

Gilles Lancelot

Picture of blog article 50
Picture of blog article 50
Picture of blog article 50