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Since the beginning of May, the Champagne vegetation has been bearing some cool spring’s temperatures in the morning, with difficulties to raise during the day.
That’s why the vines growth has slowed down and we notice a 5 to 6 days delay on a 10 year average.

Wide disparities remain between plots and even within a plot.
Many reasons for it :
- Terroir’s identity (soil, exposure, …)
- Grape variety (Chardonnay is an early-budding grape variety compare to the others)
- Vine’s pruning date
- Climatic issues the vine suffered from

A propos, the frost period of April left some sequels with minor damages on some Côte des Blancs and Côteaux Sud d’Epernay (Epernay’s south hills) (more sensitive to low temperatures because of their bottom hills’ location)
After the frozen buds’ drying up, secondary buds, less fruit-bearing, have developed but they obviously took lateness on the vine growth

Today, warmer temperatures are coming back, which are beneficial to the vegetative development. The vine is at step 5 to 6 spread leaves and inflorescences are really visible.

Picture of blog article 62
Picture of blog article 62
Picture of blog article 62