CRAMANT, the 28th April 2020

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In Champagne, the growth and the development of the vine are off to a flying start
Indeed, for several weeks now, the summery weather conditions, the significant daily variations in temperature and the sunlight help the growing.
We estimate from one week to ten days in advance on a ten years average.
Chardonnay’s shoots have already 6 to 7 leaves and the inflorescences are well apparent
This year, the « montre » (this is the quantity and shape of the incoming bunches) is really beautiful and augur a bright future… of course this is too early but … it has to be said!

Even if Nature can bring us some unwanted climatic phenomenon during the vegetative cycle, the “material” is already here and we will have to work to bring those inflorescences to the harvest.
- Frequent control of the sanitary condition since the first leave. Depending on the sensibility of the vine regarding the fungal diseases (mildew, powdery mildew) we may take action, at first, by an organic control.
- Vine-growing works carried out by our teams
Currently, we are doing the disbudding, we remove all the unneeded young buds located on the shoot or on the vine stock.

The Champagne region will be ready to welcome you as soon as the travels will be allowed. In the meantime, take care.

Gilles Lancelot

Picture of blog article 66
Picture of blog article 66
Picture of blog article 66