CRAMANT, 31th of August 2018

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It's off to a good start!

If certain sectors of Champagne gave, since a good week, its first shots of pruning shears, we preferred to wait a few days so that our grapes benefit from the rays of sun and thus to obtain a better maturity.
We chose the date of August 28th to cut the grapes from the earliest plots.
This morning, it is the turn of the vines located around Cramant, Grand Cru, with its Chardonnays of a perfect visual (net sanitary state, golden color of the bunch, beautiful pruning) confirming the preventive analyses of sugars and acidities. Anyway, all the lights are on green.

The harvest promises to be "historic". It will remain a reference year, the one that all wine growers were waiting for....
The quantity of grapes: yields per plot are above estimates.
The quality of the juices: an unctuosity marked by a richness in sugars, a perfume and a flavor which augurs beautiful tastings.

Thank you Mother Nature!

Gilles Lancelot

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