CRAMANT, 31th of August 2018

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We’re away !!

If some areas in Champagne have already snipping away with the secateurs, we have opted for a few more days wait to allow our grapes to make the most of the sunshine and to obtain better maturity.

We chose August 28 to harvest grapes in our earliest plots.
This morning we’re moving to the vines around Grand Cru Cramant with visually perfect Chardonnays (clean sanitary aspect, good-sized golden bunches) confirming previous sugar and acidity analyses. In short, it’s all systems go.

The harvest will be ‘historic’ and will remain as a reference year, one long wished for by growers.
Grape quantities per plot are far above estimates.
Juice quality displays sugar-rich smoothness, perfume and flavour heralding great tastings.

Gilles Lancelot