CRAMANT, September 6th 2019

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Since the budburst's beginning, in April, until a few days before the harvest, this year required a lot of attention, foresight and serenity.

We often looked up at the sky and checked the thermometer while suffering from climatic variation: cold periods, fresh and humid alternating with very hot periods, sometimes scorching. That impacted our harvest’s initial potential.
With such conditions, our efforts to keep the vine healthy will finally be rewarded. Indeed, a high-quality harvest is coming!

The berries analyses acknowledge an abundance of sugar created by a constant ripening, while preserving a high acidity that would be valuable for our wines ageing.

Besides, climatic condition and weather forecast are good enough to wait and harvest really good quality grapes.
Even if the “ban des vendanges” was fixed by prefectoral order for each commune, we decided to hold up the beginning of the harvest. We plan our picking according to the ripening of each plot in order to elaborate expressive and identity wines.

The first strike of shears will be on September the 10th!

Gilles Lancelot

Picture of blog article 64
Picture of blog article 64
Picture of blog article 64
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