CRAMANT, 8th of June 2018

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Weather conditions since mid-May make us fear the worst when dark clouds come over the horizon.
Frequent thunderstorms have been prevalent for some time, with heavy rainfall and hail on occasion.
Some regions in Champagne have had to suffer some damage.
Our location has so far been spared but it’s much too early to cry victory.
Let’s keep zen…

High temperatures make for quick growth, vegetation being approximately 10 days early on a ten-year average. Most plots have already reached the end of the flowering stage.
If statistics are anything to go by, baskets and secateurs should be out and ready 90 days after flowering…. Which means harvesting in late August, early September…
We’ve now reached the stage of berry development with bunches forming.
As of now they are a good size, well-shaped and healthy.
Even though the weather conditions (heat and moisture) are ideal for cryptogamic disease development (mildew, oidium), we check the sanitary condition with sustainable integrated care to provide the best possible conditions for the growth and feeding of bunches.

Gilles Lancelot

Picture of blog article 55
Picture of blog article 55
Picture of blog article 55