CRAMANT, 9 July 2015

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The heatwave in the last week tends to make Champagne's scenery more "desertlike" in daytime, everyone seeking the early morning cool to carry out the various seasonal jobs of tying up shoots.
The idea is to organise spurs to avoid leaves packing up and ensure good ventilation. This is vital for the plants' sanitary condition, to avoid disease onset and facilitate ripening at a later stage.

The vines make the most of these exceptional climatic conditions and do not appear to suffer from the water shortage.
This type of weather also puts a check on the onset of cryptogamic diseases such as oidium which is averse to temperatures over 40°C
Nothing but happiness... because out of respect for the environment and Nature, we must control and lower the amount of phytosanitary treatments while guaranteeing optimal grape quality.

At this stage, after briefly estimating quantities for the harvest to come, we note a low yield for Meunier (5 to 6 bunches per plant) compared with roughly 10 bunches per plant for Chardonnay.
We might also experience great differences in ripening dates at harvest time.
Just wait and see.

Gilles Lancelot

Picture of blog article 34
Picture of blog article 34
Picture of blog article 34