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The Blends
The blended cuvées are designed with a view to obtaining non-standard champagnes. Neither are they characterized by the Vintage effect brought by each harvest. Each year, they show different characteristics while preserving the style of the house of Lancelot-Pienne : wines that are fruity, round and balanced with light flavours and controlled body.
The art of blending relies on three criteria :
- The number of land parcels : about forty, chosen according to their age, aspect, soil and location.
- The grape varieties and their specificities : the marriage of the three champagne varieties grown on the clayey-chalky and sandy soils of the Marne Valley and the hillsides south of Epernay with a mainly east-west aspect.
- The reserve wines : wines nurtured and stored in tanks under a system called « Solera ». This blend of young and older wines (up to ten years) is rejuvenated each year by the harvest wine and supplies the matter and complexity that are the touch and style of the House of Lancelot-Pienne

Accord Majeur

This champagne is a a blend of Pinot Meunier (70%), Chardonnay (20%) and Pinot noir (10%), with the generous character of the 2011 harvest showing through. This cuvée has been lying in our cellars for 4 years (bottled in March 2012). This long period of rest makes for a well-made, mature champagne.
Fine golden yellow colour.
The nose develops as you taste with notes of stewed fruit, scents of butter and hot brioche.
The palate suggests more ripe fruit, lots of roundness with a delicate touch of honey.

Wine and food pairing :
Best expressed on a terrine, white meat or poultry, this champagne is just as enjoyable through a whole meal.

Picture of bottle Accord Majeur