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Grapes have grown in optimal weather during August and prior to the harvest bunches were in excellent sanitary condition.
Our vineyard started grape collection on 14 September 2009.
Pressing yielded high quality juices with perfect balance and noticeable sugar and acidity levels.
Some tasting notes made when tasting clear wines before bottling :
« Solar » wine
Good hetereogenity between parcels on the same hillside.
Features of fresh fruit, grapefruit or more evolved such a pear and pineapple aromas.
2009 wines appear unctuous, rich and structured.

Perceval 2012

Chardonnay (50%) from grand cru plots in Cramant and Pinot noir (50%) from racy plots with names like Les Bignards, Les Baltoits, located in the Marne Valley at Monthelon and Boursault create the character of this champagne bearing Madame Gilles Lancelot's maiden name.
A high class singular vintage? Why not…
In actual fact, all year long the Champagne region was affected by climatic uncertainties disrupting the evolution of the vegetative cycle, leading to disparities among the various vine-growing districts, grape varieties, plots and bunches.
The ripening period was thankfully fortunate. Our grapes thrived on exceptional regular summery weather conditions. In the end, the crop proved perfectly healthy, with an unhoped for and promising blend of sugar content and acidity.
Delicate golden colour with restrained sparkle. Fine bubbles.
Spicy nose, blackcurrant scent.
Great combination of Pinot Noir's power and Chardonnay's delicacy. The perfect balance.

Wine and food pairing :
Great through a meal. At its best with red meats or a piece of beef in sauce. (Why not open it in advance to give it time to enhance its quality ?)

Picture of bottle Perceval 2012