A magnificent pink colour for a cuvée to be enjoyed first with your eyes. A perfect marriage of champagne and red fruits, it will arouse all your senses one by one. A typically champenois subtle blend of champagne red wine (8 to 10% pinot noir pure Bouzy) and our Tradition cuvée. The traditional vinification is identical to the estate's other cuvées.
A soft salmon pink colour, highlighting its feminine side, to be enjoyed at first sight.
The nose is a symphony of light summer fruit, perfectly reflecting the « Lancelot Pienne style »with its tangy mineral notes.
The palate is very fresh and smooth, with summer fruit flavours (strawberry, wild strawberry) and a touch of mint.

Wine and food pairing :
A fresh fruit salad obviously. But this sweet feminine wine par excellence will be best enjoyed by a couple over a candlelight dinner.

Picture of bottle Rosé