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CRAMANT, 25th of October 2018
Champagne changes colors, autumn colors are photographed ...

The climate that we are currently...
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The history of your Champagnes


Since 2005, Gilles, a graduate oenologist and winemaker has been in charge of the estate. Steeped in family traditions and trained under his father, he is now perpetuating the image and character of our champagnes. The family story has been going on for 120 years, since the days  when our ancestors lay the foundation stone of our Champagne House.

Early in the 20th century, Jean-Baptiste LANCELOT, then a master vigneron with the house of Mumm in Cramant, tilled his first acres of vines. He passed on his passion for vinegrowing to his son Jean who, having gathered  extensive experience working for several champagne houses, began to produce his own cuvées. Jean started marketing his first bottles after World War II.

One of his sons, Albert, having been professionally trained in the arts of vinegrowing and winemaking married Brigitte PIENNE, a champenoise young lady from a winemaking family. In 1967, the vineyards from both families came under common ownership, ensuring the growth of the estate. Since then, our House has been fully independent  regarding the production of its champagnes, from processing the grapes to marketing its bottles (70,000 of which 40% for France and 60% for export : Benelux, Italy, Japan, California…).